Health systems module

Course organiser: Dr Dina Balabanova

This module aims to increase understanding of the functioning of health systems drawing on relevant disciplinary perspectives and to enable students to undertake analysis of health systems in developed and developing countries.

More information is available in the Health Systems Module Outline [PDF]

Testimonies by module participants:

“The content is fascinating and stimulating and gave me a different , structural dimension to think about health within a context. Never thought I’d say this about a module but I will miss it- my favourite module since starting LSHTM so far. Thanks to all the staff for making it a great module.” –  student

“Inspiring lectures, very good seminar leader supportive and encouraging style.” – student

“Now module is finished I look forward to reading up everything in the reader – it is so useful and integrative for policy. Health systems has brought everything I’ve done so far into perspective… It kind of give me the reason why I’m here.” – student

“Module was interesting and practical, helping to learn about possible future situations that we could face. Seminars very informative and interactive, discussions were engaging.” – student


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